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Okay so I just Published my first story on Fan Fiction the only problem is it is a BBC Merlin fanfic and I have know idea if it posted to the Merlin cite. My first review and it was someone telling me that my White Collar story line was totally horrible and that it was all wrong. 20 years later, Will Moreau meets a young widower, Sonny Kiriakis in Paris, who is more connected to Will then they both realize. One night, a very much alive Will shows up at Sonny's doorstep! Sterek, Full warnings inside Who knew it would be so comfortable hiding in the closet while your boyfriend fights with his wife, wearing his boxers and smelling like sex? Aarcher is Alec Lightwood's stage name and he's a singer on the rise. XDXXXXXXXXXSo I posted my second fan fiction a few hours ago call and just went back to see if I had and reviews and was so happy to see I had one, but then I read it and was so bummed out. Johnlock, M/M, Slash (explicit), mature content begins in Part II. It shows how one destiny leads to another, and how some destinies can be altered and some cannot. Jack returns from the year that never was and is set on further developing his relationship with Ianto. WILL BE DELETED 6/25/2018 SEE PROFILE FOR EXPLANATION. There's only one problem…Arthur and Merlin don't know about the betrothal. September, 1996: Baby Will Reed was kidnapped by his babysitter and sold on the black market. Paulson A year and a half after Will's death, Sonny is finally moving on with Paul. Stiles didn't exactly expect it to turn out like this.In a world where warlocks have risen up and taken over the Shadow World, Nephilim are second-class citizens.They are used to get rid of pesky demons and entertain warlocks.

Stiles thinks that he's human, what happens when his father, who is a werewolf, tells him otherwise?

Valentine has plans to reunite his family, whatever the cost, and Alec just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sonny is kidnapped by Andre to Di Mera Castle, where he is reunited with a very much alive, but brainwashed Will.

The feuds between the Di Meras against the Kiriakises and the Bradys reaches its boiling point.

She says nothing on how affectionate she oddly becomes of the King and the loyalty she develops for not only Arthur but Uther. A freak accident forces John to exchange consciousness with his mirror self in an opposite universe.

He doesn't realize he's switched at first, and must navigate through an unfamiliar world and an unfamiliar relationship with Sherlock Holmes.

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