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This used a randomized session key to authorize users not using the Microsoft Passport (now Microsoft account) system.Microsoft used another SSP known as Gate Keeper Passport, that worked from the same method but required certain attributes related to the user's account.m IRC is an IRC client that can be used to chat with other people on IRC networks around the world.To use m IRC, you need to connect to an IRC network.An IRC network is made up one or more IRC servers that are all connected to each other.By connecting to any of the servers on a particular network, you will see the same channels and people.The other major platforms beside Internet Explorer that MSN Chat was supported on, was Netscape Navigator and MSNTV (formerly known as Web TV).To ensure the MSN Chat network was only being connected to by authorized clients, Microsoft created and implemented a SASL based Security Service Provider authentication package known as Gate Keeper.

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If you are new to m IRC, you can find a guide to getting started here.A few later third party clients could authenticate without the control and were adjusted to compensate for this change.The versions of MSN Chat were designed from IRC3 through to IRC8, Even with the newer versions, MSN Chat still had the possibility to replicate older MSN Chat versions by issuing the IRCVERS command.With the release of the MSN Chat Control 4.0, the public functions were removed.Users found a way to authorize by a "Proxy Method", forcing the Chat Control to bridge connections between m IRC and the Chat Network.

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