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We will also stop on the way to buy fruit for the elephant to eat on arrival as well. You will have the chance to prepare the meals, cut the fruits and hand-feed the elephants. Walking – The elephants need to walk a certain distance each day in order to keep up their health.You will assist the mahout in walking the elephants around the project site or through the village to the river, giving them the daily exercise they need.

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Be sure to be up nice and early for this day as it is sure to be action packed!Not only do you get the chance to enjoy the three hour safari across Udawalawe, you will also get the chance to see between 20 and 50 baby elephants at a nearby elephant orphanage to Udawalawe.This is the only place in the whole of Sri Lanka to see baby elephants feeding and depending on timings it will be either a morning feed or evening feed that volunteers observe.The activities you will be getting involved with on a daily basis include: Feeding – The elephants are fed twice a day and their main source of nourishment comes from the leaves and branches of trees.Some of the elephant’s food can be collected from the project land but the rest is collected from the nearby forest area.

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