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Emotions = mess/drama/commitment/feelings...of which were part of the deal.

People should stop using the term Friends with Benefits and just call it what it really should be... IMO only if there is actually an established history of a relationship based on communication, trust, and desire.

I was young, very ready to experience new things and very very ready to have a man.

you obviously don't care about your personal health .."",,,,,,,unless you both share the same monetary views,,,,that's a disaster waiting to happenyou've got alot to learn..I'd say if you can run around using your genitals as a game of Russian Roulette then go hook up with an escort service and make some big money..One or both of you will ultimately seek out behavior to sabotage the relationship that you don't really want to in order to try and force it into a relationship you do want, or leave your social conscience clear to go after what you do want.Unless at least one of you, or both, settles, which will lead to an unfulfilling relationship that might last a few years. The contract states that you will please each other physically without getting emotionally attached.

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