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Mc Graw mentioned the failed marriage in a recent Newsweek cover story: ''I was the big football player, and she was the cheerleader.This was just the next thing to do.'' It just didn't work out, he said.He was the newcomer who spoke with a cowboy drawl from Oklahoma; some of the kids made fun of him for sounding like a hick.One classmate described him as the strong, silent type, literally standing head and very broad shoulders above his classmates.He played all three years, recalled Larry Taylor of Overland Park, Kan., former head football coach and teacher at North.Mc Graw, who went on to play football at the University of Tulsa, has credited sports for keeping him on the right path in high school. ''I had little or no supervision,'' Mc Graw has written about those years.Mc Graw has not given interviews since the show began last month, his publicity staff said last week.Passing reference In previous interviews and his own books, he has mentioned his Kansas City connection only in passing.

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Mc Graw is remembered fondly by his coach and the guys who played football with him.It's the same reaction other classmates had when they saw his star begin to rise.''The people who knew him never anticipated that he would be the talk of the world.It's hard to get away from him these days.'' Inseparable duo Other than the time he spent on the field, Taylor's dominant memory of Mc Graw is ''seeing him and the gal that was the cheerleader. Mc Graw, some people called them, years before it became official. She has since heard that out-of-town reporters trying to get the story have offered her friends as much as 0 for their high school yearbooks.They spent a lot of time together as time went on through his school career.'' In fact, that gal -- Debbie Higgins -- and Mc Graw were inseparable once they started dating in their junior year. Though Mc Graw's publicity handlers say he has talked about his first marriage on several occasions, those mentions have gone largely unnoticed by his classmates. ''If he had mentioned our marriage from the very beginning,'' she said, ''I think the public would not have made an issue of it and find it more endearing that he had some insight being involved in a failed marriage.'' Watchful family Mc Call's parents didn't allow her to date until she was 16. She quickly discovered that her older brother was threatening to beat up any boy who asked her out.

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