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The urban area consists of the following suburbs laid from east to west extending from a natural hill known as Hummock Hill – Whyalla, Whyalla Playford, Whyalla Norrie, Whyalla Stuart and Whyalla Jenkins.

A port facility, a railyard serving the railway line to Iron Knob and an industrial complex are located to the immediate north of Hummock Hill.

Plans for a city of 100,000 were produced by the Department of Lands.

A second pipeline from Morgan was built to cope with the demand.

In 1970 the city adopted full local government status.

Fierce competition from Japanese ship builders resulted in the closing of the shipyards in 1978, which were at the time the largest in Australia.

A jetty was built to transfer the ore and the first shipment was sent in 1903.

The early settlement consisted of small cottages and tents clustered around the base of the hill.

Its first shipment was transported across Spencer Gulf to Port Pirie where it was used in lead smelters as a flux.A shipyard was built to provide ships for the Royal Australian Navy during World War II.The population began rising dramatically and many new facilities, including a hospital and abbatoirs, were built.The ore conveyor on the jetty was improved and ore began to be shipped to the newly built Newcastle, New South Wales steelworks. The BHP Indenture Act was proclaimed in 1937 and provided the impetus for the construction of a blast furnace and harbour.In 1939 the blast furnace and harbour began to be constructed and a commitment for a pipeline from the Murray River was made.

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